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About Us

By the grace of God, what has now become of PetroTar Farasahel, is the result of the endeavors of a choice of skilled, innovative, and young Iranian specialists.
During its seven years of activity in engineering and ecosystem, our enterprise has collected a valuable trove of experience, innovation, and state-of-the-art knowledge to ensure energy efficiency and prevent the destruction of the environment, realized by the establishment of the PetroTar Industries in southern Iran.

We practice our knowledge of engineering with the aim of providing groundbreaking solutions to stop the emission of pollutants from the production line, prevent the pollution of air, water, and soil, and also improve the industrial engineering systems to comply with global standards, undertaking the implementation of refinery complexes from at all levels from start to finish.

The significance of our living environment is evident to all as it may inflict both desirable and undesirable outcomes in all aspects of our individual and social lives. It is held exceptionally important by the activists in this regard to preserve the ecosystem and even restore it by compensating for the human impact on the environment—particularly during the past couple of centuries.
That being said, PetroTar Farasahel strives to realize what is necessary to adapt Iranian industries to preserve the ecosystem by, first, preventing the petrochemical and petroleum processing industry (the bitumen industry in particular) from harming the environment and emitting pollutants in solid, liquid, or dust form, and second, employ the knowledge gathered during the ten years of its activity by Pishgaman Nano Farayand (now merged with PetroTar Farasahel) at all stages of establishing the production unit. The aim was to comply fully with environmental and green peace covenants, even upholding research into the related subjects as a requirement in this regard.
Moreover, to help reduce the hardships of their lives, it is intended that our fellow Hormozgan residents benefit from the production unit while contributing to the preservation and development of the Bandar Lengeh area—in particular, the Kang–Lar road and the villages in the area—as a part of our team.