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The Petro Tar complex is based on the latest achievements of modern knowledge, the link between knowledge and industry, and the creativity of Iran’s Earth-moving schemers. The refinery of the complex, located in Bandar Lengeh, has been provided not only with the knowledge and capital of Iran (private sector), but also has two fundamental and important principles as the standard pattern of the collection:

The promotion of national industry and production, and subsequently the economic development of collections and employment, are constantly growing.

Production in the field of petroleum products, in line with the ecosystem and friendly environment; the subject of the study of modern engineering knowledge with the full respect of the components of nature as the perpetual capital of human communities.The Petro Tar is an offshore complex with a capacity of 126,000 tons of various products of pitch including blown bitumen, solution bitumen and various types of bitumen that can be mass produced, has started its operations, and in product sets, the quality of the products is entirely aimed at exporting and The highest quality in the base (vacuum batome) and the high purity of the product, is constantly reviewed and quality control.However, it is worth noting that the Bandarleng production unit, in quantitative terms, has a much greater capacity for producing products and is engaged in providing a laboratory in line with the capacity of the refinery. At the same time, another development in bitumen production and processing is in the second phase of the complex. In addition, in the offshore Petro Tar (phases 1-2, etc.), not only the production of bitumen, with the best quality indicators and in accordance with European standards (refers to some of the European standards) But also a diverse range of engineering design activities, construction and supply from the beginning to the end of refinery construction, the construction of environmental projects, especially those based on nanotechnology and consulting in the field of oil products and environmental equipment, ready to provide advisory and executive services Applicants.Accordingly, during the coming months, the Isuzug production unit with a capacity of 2,000,000 square meters per year as well as a steel mill with a capacity of 1/000/000 barrels per year will be added to the assembly.