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In addition to its own production undertakings—which includes high-quality, export-grade bitumen products—PetroTar is involved in other notable activities, with its scientists and technicians are focused on offering a high product quality.
1. Engineering consulting services and implementation of all types of petroleum derivative production lines (in particular, bitumen) and planning refineries to fully comply with ecosystem preservation standards and prevent the release of pollutants into the natural—animal and human—environment.
2. Production of bitumen drums for export, which—by the grace of God and the will of Iranian specialists—will reach a capacity of 1 million barrels per year after the start of constructions in April 2017.
3. Production of various types of bituminous waterproofing membranes for export, at a capacity of 2 million square meters per year, for which all necessary permits were acquired, and the constructions will begin by September 2017.

Ever since the start of its operations, PetroTar Farasahel has proven determined in implementing and advancing its projects accurately with scientifically-supported, environmentally-friendly approaches, even if it were resource-demanding.
Hence, the first phase of the project was located in a region on the shores of the Persian Gulf with immense human resources, en route to many of the world’s intercontinental export destinations.
Even though this is the start and the path to perfection and continuous development never ends nor becomes stagnant.