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Production & QC

The ingredients Vacuum Bottom (VB) and Vacuum Silabes (VS) are aerated in bitumen production reactors at a certain pressure and temperature (200-300 °C), promoting reactions between the hydrogen atoms in the bitumen and oxygen from the air to produce heavier hydrocarbons—with a lower penetration grade and a higher softening point than the original untreated bitumen—through polymerization. Such bitumen features a softening point of 85 and a penetration of 25.
Application: Coating the bottom of water channels, covering up the cracks and filling the fissures on concrete structures, other construction applications, producing moisture insulation.

This production unit uses Vacuum Bottom (VB) as the ingredient.
This residue is the base material for producing different types of bitumen. Although in some cases it qualifies as a paving grade material as is, it is often very soft and requires to be treated (for example by aeration) to improve its softening point before being incorporated into a road pavement or in a roof system. In aeration—also referred to as oxidation—a series of complex chemical interactions such as dehydrogenation, polymerization, and condensation take place that make the bitumen more stiff by increasing the carbon-to-hydrogen ratio, allowing for the production of various types of bitumens. This industrial unit has all the necessary equipment to produce bitumen from natural tar.

Throughout its short presence on the scene, PetroTaar Farasahel has had a persistent emphasis on quality as its definite, inflexible standard. Production of paving grade bitumen, RC and MC bitumens, and customized bitumens as demanded by the customer are all suggestive of the high quality of our domestically-produced, export-grade bitumen products.


During the recent months, PetroTaar Farasahel has inaugurated its drum filling line with a capacity of 1200 barrels per shift, which translates to 3600 barrels in a three-shift day.

Adapting the production with ever-increasing demands and ecosystem preservation standards. Relying on the experience of Pishgaman Nano Farayand, PetroTaar has actualized a self-oriented scientific approach, as well as extensive research capabilities paving the way for true innovations for preventing damages to the ecosystem. That being said, PetroTaar Farasahel takes as its standard to meet all customer requirements from a paving-grade bitumen—including 30/40, 40/50, 60/70, and 85/100, as well as customer-demanded customized products—quickly, without compromising the local ecosystem.